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This goes out to all the nonprofit executives..

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

One of the things I hear from nonprofit executives is that half the time everyone expects them to know everything and predict the future.

  • How many of these grants will we win and will the money be available before April?

  • Will a hurricane hit next year and how much will that increase the need for our services?

  • What was the email address for that florist that we used for the gala three years ago?

And half the time people think they don't know anything.

  • You need to expand your music program to preschoolers - that's where you have the biggest impact.

  • You need to start taking donations in crypto!

  • Have you thought about getting the Times to run an article about your program?

If any of that rings a bell, this one is for you:

Thank you to Mark Anderson,, for being consistently funny!


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