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Why Choose StoryBoard HTX?


Storytelling is everything for nonprofits, but most struggle to get it right.

In one survey of nonprofit executives, almost all of them said communicating their organization's story was important. But only one in four said they were happy with their storytelling efforts.  StoryBoard HTX helps nonprofits to engage their supporters and their communities through the power of storytelling.  


StoryBoard HTX is a communications company with a twist. We focus on nonprofits, especially on the heart of every nonprofit’s communications goal – storytelling. We work with Houston's small-to medium-sized nonprofits who need high-quality communications that fit within their budgets.  


Stories are the shortest distance between your mission and your supporters. The science shows that humans are hardwired to respond to stories and remember them up to 22 times more than facts alone. More than that, they convey the two most important things that drive donations - emotional connection and urgency.


Most nonprofits have 10 or fewer employees, once you exclude hospitals and universities. With staff wearing multiple hats, that doesn't leave a lot of time to create impactful communications, and there is rarely money in the budget for large outside agencies. That is why finding affordable, but effective outside help is so important.


Social media...Newsletters...Grant applications. These are just different ways to tell your story. Tailoring your story to the specific audience and the communications means are what really counts.  From strategy to Execution, StoryBoard HTX helps nonprofits tell their story the right way to the right audience.

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