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StoryBoard HTX Houston Nonprofit Newsletter: Donations In A Jittery Stock Market.

Here’s your copy of the newest StoryBoard HTX Houston Nonprofit Newsletter. I would really like your feedback on whether this simpler format works for you. This little experiment may help with your own communications and I would be happy to share the results with you.

Stock Market Jitters: The top story is a look at what uncertainty in the stock market and economy may mean for local nonprofits. The markets have come close to a 10% correction lately, making a lot of donors and development experts nervous.

Houston News Nonprofit Announced: Houston is getting a nonprofit newsroom. The Houston Endowment, Kinder Foundation and Arnold Ventures are putting up $20 million to set up the new journalism nonprofit. Their biggest challenge may be engaging audiences that are getting their information from TicTok or have turned away from the news altogether.

Nonprofit Staffing Woes: Mr. Rogers famously told children to “look for the helpers” when they are in trouble. Nonprofits are the helpers of our society and they are struggling with huge burnout problems. I wanted to share a survey of Connecticut nonprofits. It finds that 60% of them have a waiting list for their services, largely because of staffing and resource problems, and 91% are having trouble finding new staff. As one leader put it, they are tying “anything together with scotch tape and string if they have to in order to provide services."

How Will You Tell Your Story This Year? 2022 looks like another challenging year for Houston’s nonprofits, between the continued pandemic, a jittery stock market and the difficulty in being heard above all the noise. We can help. StoryBoard HTX can assist you in everything from developing a communications plan that makes sure everyone is onboard with your messaging to working with you on email campaigns, marketing material, video, grant writing and the other communications tools you need to tell your story.

Finally, something to smile about: Recently the India Development Review posted some of the ways that parents describe their kids jobs in the nonprofit sector. Here are some that made me laugh:

  • “Every month my daughter says she’s fundraising for some cause or the other and asks me and my friends to donate. But if I’m doing her job for her, what is she doing?” — Overheard at a grocery store.

  • “What does Aryaman do? Oh, he coordinates volunteers at a nonprofit. But tell me, is it even a real job if everyone you work with is still a child?” — Overheard at a pottery class.

  • “What does my daughter do? Oh, she’s a social impact consultant. What does it mean? She says she’s working on solving some of India’s toughest problems, but if I’m being honest, I’m not even sure she knows what she’s doing.” — Overheard at the neighborhood park.

Again, I would love your feedback on this new format. Just email me at And please let me know if we can help with your communications needs! Ken Wells StoryBoard HTX Founder


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