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Are You Ready to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story in 2022?

Pandemic Brain – There’s a phrase that didn’t exist two years ago. Researchers say that 18 months of social distancing and uncertainty have taken a toll on our ability to focus. Our attention spans are shorter. We are inundated with information. Our brains are overloaded.

All of which means it is harder than ever for your nonprofit to stand out. And if you don’t stand out, how will donors know about the wonderful work you are doing?

Everyone talks about having their elevator pitch ready, but right now your elevator is crowded with competing voices. If your board, staff and volunteers don’t share the same message, your pitch may be lost.

That’s where we come in. StoryBoard HTX works with small- to mid-sized nonprofits to develop communications strategies and then put those strategies to work. Depending on your needs, that may start by making sure everyone agrees on your core message. It may mean translating your message into the types of stories that turn strangers into supporters. Or it may mean simply helping your staff produce quality written and visual communications. Let’s talk about what’s right for your organization.

Our work is based in part on some pretty remarkable research about nonprofit storytelling by the Communications Network. Based on interviews with several hundred people in the nonprofit world and a deep dive into the best practices, their study found that nonprofits need four things to be effective:

BRAND Every social change organization, no matter its size or purpose, has three key assets that shape its identity: Resources, Reputation And Relationships.

CULTURE Successful organizations share common qualities that make up a healthy culture

STRATEGY Effective organizations make strategic communications choices and make smart decisions about their messaging.

ACTION Communicating should never be a one-way activity. Success depends

on creating a conversation with supporters and the community.

At StoryBoard HTX, we understand that small- to mid-size nonprofits are at a funding disadvantage, but they still have amazing stories to tell. That’s why we make sure our services are cost effective. Let’s schedule some time to talk.


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