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If TikTok Was A Person, What Kind Of Person Would It Be?

A recent blogpost said there are four types of social media users and each one has its own personality. What about the social media companies themselves? Here are their unique personalities. See if you agree.


Facebook is like a refrigerator. Even though you know there is nothing new there, you open it every 10 minutes. Even if you didn’t think you were hungry.

Facebook may also be turning into Boomerbook, as more older Americans adopt it. But that is not a bad thing for nonprofits that still get most of their donations from boomers.


Instagram is like that college roommate who was better looking and took more exciting spring break trips. Or it’s the best place to look at food that people you hardly know ate at a restaurant you never heard of.


Ah, TikTok. TikTok is like a four-year-old that had way too much sugar.


LinkedIn is a lot of things:

  • The world’s largest job fair.

  • A monstrous machine invented to give insurance salesmen my email address.

  • Weirdly, a kind of Tinder in reverse.

But you know what LinkedIn really is? A worldwide Zoom call where most people leave their cameras off and stay on mute.

LinkedIn has 830 million profiles. Less than 1% of the people on LinkedIn ever post anything. They go to look for jobs or leads or sometimes they go to cyberstalk old bosses.

What they don’t do is interact very much, even though they do read posts. You hear a lot of active users say, “I posted something, no one reacted and two weeks later a potential client emailed and said, I saw your thing on LinkedIn."

It drives marketers nuts because there is no good way to measure engagement, but it seems to work!


And then there is Twitter, where socially awkward people who have just moved to Texas can let the world know they have opinions.


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