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Board Fundraising Training: You Asked. We Delivered.

What are the five scariest words a board member can hear?

You need to raise money!

No one is happy with board fundraising. Seriously! In one study, executives gave their boards a grade of C- on fundraising. Board members often compare fundraising to having a root canal.

Recently we surveyed Houston-area nonprofit leaders and every single person who responded said training their board to fundraise was a priority.

We answered the call and created a brand-new workshop for Boards: The Ask. The Ask focuses on proven strategies to improve board fundraising success:

  • Changing board culture to turn development into a team effort.

  • Replacing the fear of fundraising with the power of sharing.

  • Unleashing the board’s leadership and influence to bring a new energy to fundraising.

One of the goals of The Ask is to customize it to the specific needs of the organization. Interested? Let us know your goals and how we can tailor our workshop to meet them.

We have a special 25% off rate for nonprofits that sign up for a workshop before June 15th.

In May we previewed the new StoryBoard HTX approach for the Montgomery County Development Professionals group in the Woodlands. The response was very favorable and prompted a lot of discussion. It was clear that board reluctance to raise money was a universal problem.

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