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There are a million stories in the city of Houston...

How do you make your nonprofit's story stand out?

StoryBoard HTX is a communications consulting firm that helps small- to medium-sized nonprofits tell their story at a cost they can afford.

Our Services

Our Services

StoryBoard HTX provides high-impact, cost-effective communications services that allow budget-strapped nonprofits to tell their stories to the Houston community and their funders.


Winning grant proposals are about much more than writing words on a form and hoping for the best.  

Annual Reports

Are your annual reports just a snapshot of the past year or a vision for your future?

White Papers & Cases For Support

Do you have the evidence-based data to support your program and the plans to guide your fundraising?

Email Campaigns

Email can drive one-third of a nonprofit's donations, but only if they tell a story that can cut through the clutter.

Social Media, Events &  Website Videos

Video reaches more people and has the most lasting impact of any other medium ...Period!

Communications/ Social Media Plans 

Communications plans are the roadmap that lets a nonprofit tell its story effectively and consistently.

Communications Strategy & Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Workshops

We work with nonprofits to ensure that the staff, board and volunteers share in their culture, brand and messaging. We also work with nonprofits to unleash their development superpower: Peer-to-peer fundraising.

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It's All About The Story

"I collect stories; that's what I do. Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”  

Brené Brown


Ready to find out more?

What makes your nonprofit unique?  Your communications plan needs to reflect that.  Let's have a conversation about it.

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